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  • Concealed Carry Purse - 2 Color Available

    Artemis Concealed Carry Purse



    Ambidextrous Access: Designed for both Left & Right Handed Users

    Tactical Holster: Velcro holds your Firearm Safely for Quick Access

    Warranty: Limited Lifetime. If you ever have to shoot through your Purse, it will be replaced for free

    Adjustable Strap: Strap can be Adjusted for a Comfortable Fit

    Multiple Pockets: Plenty of Space & Pockets for your EDC Items. Concealment pocket is on the side and wont’ interfere with other Items

    Anti-Cut Wire: Strap has an internal Wire to avoid a Thief from Cutting Strap

    Women’s Tactical Concealed Carry Designer Purse Special Order Only – Please allow up to 14 days Delivery

  • Sale!

    Coco Concealed Carry Purse

    $109.99 $89.99

    Ambidextrous Access: Designed for Both Left & Right Handed Users
    Velcro Holster: Keeps the gun is a safe position so you can access it quickly and affectively.
    Adjustable Strap: Extra Strap (Included) so that you can Wear it on Shoulder.
    Multiple Pockets: Extra Side PocketS w/ Zipper & 2 Small Pockets for Cell Phone etc.
    Anti-Cut Wire: Prevents Thief from Cutting Shoulder Strap
    Size: 13″ x 5″ x 10.5″ (LWH)
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime.

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