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  • Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish

    Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish 8 oz


    • Multi-purpose Metal Polish – Cleans Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Chrome, Aluminum, Pewter and Bronze

    • Provides a Brilliant Shine that lasts for a long time

    • Give your Stainless Steel Appliances an Extra Shine compared to other products

    • Cleans Brass Products like Locks, Door knobs, Name Plates that have been damaged by harsh Weather

  • KIWI Shoe Shine for Tactical Boots

    Parade Gloss Shoe Shine – Black


    • Made in USA
    • For shiny, smooth leathers
    • Military finish mirror shine
    • Fills & covers scuffs
    • Available Sizes – Large, 2.5 oz. can or 1.125 oz. can

  • Lincoln U.S.M.C. Stain Wax Shoe Polish

    U.S.M.C. Stain Wax Shoe Polish



    • Protects Tactical Footwear and keeps them looking newer

    • Made in the USA from Premium Materials for Assurance of Quality

    • Perfect for Leather and Corfam Materials – Polish all of your Shoes and Boots

    • Helps keep your Tactical Boots and Shoes Soft because it Nourishes the Leather

    • Shines and Protects to give your shoes that Spit Shined look

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